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How long to find a job? (Gothenburg)

Good evening all, me and my girlfriend of 5 years are planning on relocating to Sweden and pointed out Gothenburg as our city of choice. She is an EU citizen and I am a South African citizen. We have saved up quite a bit of cash and will be able to support ourselves for a few months, but our biggest thing is jobs. I am a senior accountant (not yet qualified) and she is in purchasing/supply chain (university certificate). We have read mixed reviews on the internet regarding jobs in Sweden. I am very much aware that qualifications are needed for jobs, so I am willing to get a lower level job as I am not yet qualified. Love sports and outdoors, so will even do a job where it requires me to be outdoors like cutting grass at a golf course or something like that. Any help or tips on jobs or how long it will take to find a job will be greatly appreciated! Thanks peeps and keep well :)

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