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I really need a job! (Gothenburg)

My name is Maud, I'm a french girl of 23 years old and I live in Göteborg since 6 months.
I really need a job to stay in Sweden. I have one month to find something, after that I have no other choices than go back to France... And my dream is to live here, I really love this country!!
So, I ask you all for help. I'm ready to do any kind of jobs, I don't need a lot of money, so even a part time is good for me. Please, if you hear about something, contact me! I will be really grateful!
I can speak a little swedish, and fluently english and french. I studied science before to come in Sweden and I worked as secretary and as cleaners during a while. ( But once again, I'm willing to do any work! )
I have a lot of motivation, and I'm ready to give the best of myself to make a good job!
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

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