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New York Writer and SAT tutor looking for work (Gothenburg)

Hello and thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions you can offer! My boyfriend has dual American/Swedish citizenship and moved from NYC to Gothenburg in August for a job. I've been back and forth since then but would like to find a job in Gothenburg so that I can stay longer than just a month or so. From the online research I've done, the jobs for a non-Swedish speaker (I am fluent in Italian in addition to English) seem limited and the process of applying for a work permit seems quite long...can anyone offer insight about places to apply and the most efficient way to go about the search? I have experience in writing, editing, communications, PR, and I have also privately tutored high school students for standardized tests and college essays. I'm open to considering any possibilities that would enable me to make a living in Gothenburg. Thank you again for any help you are willing to offer!

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