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SWEDISHNESS Intercultural Competence Lab (Gothenburg)

Hosting a workshop on "Swedishness" that I think will be of great interest to you.

- Different perspectives of culture in the “land of lagom”

Wednesday 7 th of October 18. Protected content in Gothenburg

Come, learn and share your experiences of cultural interaction. Bring your friends from around the world.

This workshop is highly interesting both for Swedes and people from other cultures living in Sweden. We listen and share perspectives to uncover values, norms and behaviour. How can we build inclusion and effective communication in daily life and at the workplace?

The Intercultural Lab is open to anyone interested in Intercultural Communication. Together we will explore cultural differences, similarities and how to build relationships. We create a workshop space together and actively explore... exercises and models. You get to practice communication in a setting where mistakes are harmless. Getting useful skills that make it easier to avoid cultural clashes when they occur in real life.

Great opportunity to network and ‘fika’ for everyone.

Learn more at;
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Protected content

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