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Life in Granada

Hi all,
I have been in two minds whether or not to put a post on here because I see many other posts with 0 replies. My first thought therefore was "what's the point. Nobody will reply".
But, I am the eternal optimist and always live in hope, so here goes.
My hubby and I will be coming to Granada in September. We hope to find a suitable location and a property to rent because we would like to move to the region permanently.
If possible, I would like to learn a little about different areas/towns/villages before we come i.e. other than what we have read in books and on the internet and from people who actually live there.
We will be moving with our two dogs and cat. We love walking/hiking and enjoy living in the countryside (we are currently living in France) but we would also like to be quite near a town - not only for the usual essential amenities but also to be able to take Spanish lessons and get involved with other activities.
We would love to hear about different areas first hand so that we can get an idea of where would best suit us and the lifestyle we hope for.
Any tips/advice/info on specific locations, etc. shall be greatly appreciated.

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