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URGENT Electrician Wanted for Boletin (Granada)


We have now made the final commitment to Spain and bought a house 15km south of Granada. But in the current winter months we find we need more electrical capacity than originally fitted. So we need an electrician to carry out an Endesa Boletin Revision to get the supply upgraded.
I have approached businesses large and small and they are all full of promises. I make appointments and stay in all day they fail to materialise. I have just had another "no show" from a large company in Granada and I am starting to take this personally.

So is there anyone out there who can help me in getting the elusive Boletin written up and our supply raised???
This isn't just the Boletin as there are other electrical works I would like done. (We are not in the middle of nowhere - on a new build urb with lots of access)


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