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Job Opportunities? (Graz)

Hi folks!

Well basically I have questions concerning finding a job in Graz.

I read couple of forums and all of them were saying that it's quite impossible to get a job if you don't speak good German. My level is quite low, I am just A1/2, though still trying to practice my skills with friends and expand my vocabularly. Diolingo helps! =D

I am a graphic and brand designer with two years of experience (mostly in marketing). I know such companies as Moodley, RNPD and EnGarde, but to the truth they are fully staffed and there is no possibility to get in there (well at least for me). Are there any other similar places, anyone knows?

I am not that strict with a job field, if it's a customer service or anything else that doesn't require much of German at the beginning I am totally in =D

I would be gratefull for any piece of information!

Thank you in advance!

Have an awesome day!

PS: As I am Russian, I have a limited possibility to stay in EU. For a now I can be in Graz for example since January till March (at the moment I am in Russia). To work in Austria I will need to have a working permit and residence permit. Just saying in advance =) Thank you again!