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Problems w/CRAZY neighbours, we need legal advice! (Graz)

The neighbours below us keep bothering us! My husband and I are professional musicians, we have an 8 month old baby and a small dog. The neighbours below us have complained about "our noise" in a very nasty way but the thing is, we really are not loud at all. And, because of them, we barely practice AT ALL, we don't listen to music and we barely even watch movies at night like we loved to do. But today was waaaay too much!!!
-The first time, about a year ago, the guy rang our doorbell and right of the bat in a very nasty way started quoting an argument my husband and I had recently. I told him that like that, I had absolutely nothing to talk to him and that I would end the conversation and close my door. Then he stoped me, I told him that I have heard them fight too and that I would NEVER repeat to him what I have heard! I would NEVER disrespect someone and someone's privacy that way. So, he sort of apologised and then told me, that I needed to stop practicing right then (it was 8pm) and that by law, we were not allowed to play music or practice in Austria (btw my husband plays violin and I play cello, NOT trumpet or piano!!) for more than 1 hour a day. Then, he also told me that we were watching tv at crazy loud levels, which is NOT true. So, very friendly I invited him in our apartment, turned on the TV and asked him: "Ïs this level of volume normal?" to which he did not answer and just said that we most watch tv at a normal level. I told him that is the level we watch tv and always turn it down when it gets louder with Music or special effects. Really NOT loud. Then he agreed it was a normal leve. In any case, I gave him my phone number and told him that if at any time we were too loud to please text me and we would do something about it. And in a nice way, I asked him to please never repeat private things in my face again, that is not polite or respectful and he left. Since then, I barely practice in my apt, and I must!!! I neeed to practice!! There is no where else! And, we bought a house which hopefully soon, we will more. But, we need to rent this place and would like to protect our selves from them.

And today, this guy rang the bell again (my husband was not at home again) and started yelling at me. That we were "stomping on the floor". I said, I am NOT, I am not moving around the apartment, I was in the kitchen putting dishes away and my baby was with me sitting on his high chair. He said that if it wasn't me, then who else...I told him, not me! And then he used the F WORD!! He said that we are F loud all the time. That our dog barks all the time (which is not true, is the one that lives next door to them also in the floor below us). His attitude and tone were so ugly, I told him to please calm down and he could then comeback to talk to me. Then he used the F word again, saying no, that he will not calm down because they are F angry.
This is UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE! I figured it out, what was bothering him was MY BABY!!!! He was sitting on his high chair and with his feat was playing with the feetrest of his chair!!!! What, am I supposed to chain him down so he doesn't move??!!!
We need legal advice, we are being bullied and intimidated by these people!!! Also, because his wife is a lawyer. My husband went to talk to them as soon as he came home, to tell them they have NO right to talk to me this way. And they threatened us!!! Any ideas?

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