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Jobs and Business in the UK

Despite the UK’s economic woes in recent years, the country still offers many opportunities for expats, especially those with certain job specializations. In the following articles, you can read up on how to find and apply for a job in the UK, the steps involved in registering yourself as self-employed as well as tips on British business etiquette.

The UK attracts many expats, especially to the capital in London. One of the first challenges that face expats hoping to relocate to the UK is finding a job there. Especially since the financial crisis, the job market can be restrictive, and the simplest way to get a job in the UK is to be transferred to your company’s British branch office. If this is not the case, then you need to possess specialized skills that are currently in demand in the UK. Many different types of positions for engineers and software developers, for example, have openings that can be filled by expats. This InterNations expat guide will tell you where to look for a job and how to get your qualifications recognized in the UK. It also contains tips on writing a persuasive cover letter and how to best format your CV, and provides essential information for a successful job interview.

Working for Yourself in the UK

If you haven’t been transferred by your company and aren’t an expert in a field which is open to expat employees, another option is to start your own business or work as a freelancer in the UK. What do you need to consider before making the decision to work for yourself? The InterNations expat guide helps lead you through the steps necessary to start your own business and register yourself as self-employed. Should you register yourself as a sole trader, a limited company or a business partnership? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each business structure? We help you figure out which choice is best for you. Our guide also includes important information on business taxation and the different types of insurance required when you’re self-employed.

An Introduction to British Business Etiquette

How should you conduct yourself with your British business colleagues and associates? Avoid making awkward and embarassing mistakes by reading our guide on British business etiquette. In addition to information on business introductions and dress code, our guide offers valuable information on the British communication style. We help you understand the intricacies of the British use of understatement, indirectness and humor. You’ll also learn about how business meetings are conducted and the best structure and style to use for your business presentations. Finally, discover what you can expect regarding business entertaining and socializing in the UK. With our expat guide, building up positive and thriving business relationships in the UK will be a breeze!

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