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Great opportunity! Girls check it out! (Guadalajara)

Ok, let me see. New business opportunity coming to Mexico in Oct.! Younique Cosmetics is a new, yet very quickly growing direct Sales company based in Utah. The entire line of products are Naturally based, hypoallergenic, free from any harsh chemicals, cruelty free, paraben free (a harmful preservative), and even gluten free! High end cosmetics, led by the wildly popular 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. Younique has redefined the direct sales Structure and made it easy to get in! Only $ Protected content to join. YOu get double that in the best selling products and NO SALES pitch to buy any sort of Inventory. You get your own free ecommerce website. And all the tools to sell through social media. No in home parties unless you WANT to. Younique's success is based on being relavent to the changing demands of the growing population of health concious consumers! Everything Younique stands for, is everything Latina women want. Including the opportunity to have financial freedom! The first women to join in Mexico and build a team, will be wildly successful as it spreads accross the country! Mexico is Younique's 7th country in 2 1/2 years, and is expected, because of the mexican culture, to be the most successful! Please inbox me for more info.

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