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Mail Forwarding in Mexico for US expats (Guadalajara)

In case anybody is looking for a good mail forwarding service, just send me a PM and I can point you in the right direction.

Here is a blurb from their website:

Step #1-We provide you with your own USA address for only $5/month.

Step #2-You direct all of your mail to this address.

Step #3-Every week, we overnight Fedex courier all mail from USA to Puerto Vallarta.

Step #4-Every week we email you an inventory of what mail has arrived in Mexico for you.

Step #5-When you are ready to have your mail forwarded to you, simply let us know. We will Fedex courier all your sorted mail to any address in any city in Mexico within 48 hours. (You will receive a tracking number from Fedex).

This means you no longer need to drive to a PO Box to pick up your mail in Mexico. It is actually brought to you at any city in Mexico within 48 hours. They charge $35 each time you want your mail delivered (cheaper than a typical PO BOX where you need to go pick up your own mail).

For a guy like me who has to drive 40 minutes to my closest Mailboxes etc...this is a Godsend. It is no more expensive than traditional mailbox rentals, and now mail is delivered to my front door instead of having to drive to pick it up.

The nice thing about the service is you can have an unlimited number of people of the same box, so you could easily share your box with other people and then just split the cost of the delivery each time.

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