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Recent Violence in Guadalajara - What do you think

Hello Guadalajara Community,

This is Luke from Nearshore Americas. I'm sure all of you have been watching the news about the recent mass slaying discovered in Guadalajara. You may also know that we are doing everything we can to communicate expatriate opinions about how these incidents are affecting overall personal safety perceptions. We recently ran a survey on personal safety perceptions in Guadalajara (see previous thread for link) but I want to know how these recent events are making you feel.

So how are you feeling?
Has the incident on Thursday made you feel less safe?
Are you worried that the situation in Guadalajara will get worse?
To what extent does this type of violence affect your sense of personal safety?

Please let us know how you feel. Let's get a good conversation going and I will communicate our thoughts through our channels (annonymous of course) in New York.



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