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The Hour of the Planet (Guadalajara)

Participate for a good global cause
The Hour of the Planet
The Hour of the Planet is a global effort by the World Wildlife Fund, with the aim to mitigate Climate Change, by diminishing the emission of contaminants while producing Electrical Energy. All participating Government Offices, Private Companies and citizens will simultaneously turn off all non-essential lights.
The special objectives of this act are:
1. Diminish emission of CO2.
2. Combat the effects of Climate Change.
3. Improve the quality of life of the population.
4. Increase the conscience levels about the importance of the reduction of Greenhouse Gases.
The city of Guadalajara, through the Secretary of Environment and Ecology announces that the Government of this Municipality, will participate in the Hour of the Planet, the Saturday of March 28 from 20:30 to 21:30 hrs. In this period all non-essential lights of various Government Buildings and almost all Public Squares, will be turned off
In Protected content , in this hour, the following savings were accomplished, 3.5 million KWh, 1.575 tons of CO2 and further varying amounts of other contaminants. 7.875 cubic meter of Water was saved too.
This year, Protected content , the Administration of the City of Guadalajara, invites the Population, Businesses, Associations and all other organizations to participate again. There is also a guided tour planned at the Plaza de la Liberacion.
If you would like to know more about this global effort to actually do something about Climate Change please contact me and we can organize a special get together, with all interested to discuss the details

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