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Working in Guadalajara

Expats looking forward on working in Guadalajara will be able to find job opportunities in very diverse sectors of the booming economy. Find out more information about the local economy, job hunting and work permits in our guide.

The Local Economy

As the business hub of west Mexico, Guadalajara's economy is mainly based on services and commerce, and is supported by the manufacturing in the area surrounding the city. Guadalajara is a significant producer of electronic products and software in all of Mexico, and the exports from this sector contributes significantly to the economy of the whole country. Textiles are also a significant product of Guadalajara's manufacturing industry. The majority of the exports from Guadalajara go to the US. Many international companies are established in Guadalajara, drawn to the city by the opportunity for cheaper labor. Tourism is an industry which is still developing in Guadalajara, particularly in the historic center of the city.

Job Hunting in Guadalajara

English teaching jobs in Guadalajara are not hard to come by, and are popular with expatriates moving to the city. It will usually be enough to allow you a comfortable lifestyle, and often accommodation will be included in the employment package which is an advantage, as finding accommodation before you arrive in the country can be a challenge.

Having said that, it is often easier to find employment once you are already in the country. The other most common jobs for expats in Guadalajara are jobs in the ever-growing tourism industry, which are also easiest to find once you are already in the country. As an economic center in the west of Mexico, international involvement in the country is growing, allowing for more opportunities for expatriates.

Being able to speak Spanish will give you a significant advantage in finding employment, but it is not impossible to find employment without being able to speak the language. The best way to find employment in an international company in Guadalajara is to find the companies that would support your skills, and search for jobs through their websites directly. Making use of social media such as LinkedIn is a great way to make contacts in Guadalajara.

Work Permits for Guadalajara

If you are looking to work in Guadalajara for more than six months, you will need to apply for a temporary resident visa, which can last for up to four years. This visa allows the holder multiple entries into Mexico. In order to apply for the temporary resident visa, the expatriate needs to prove that they have enough money to live in Mexico for the duration of their stay or that they can show proof of a regular income. This can come in the form of a letter from an employer.

You cannot usually apply for a temporary resident permit from within Mexico, but this needs to be done from your home country. This temporary resident permit cannot be renewed after four years and if you intend to stay in Mexico for longer, you will need to apply for a permanent resident visa.

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