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Chinese Exam HSK 3 Course 外国人中文考试HSK 3级课程 (Guangzhou)

Chinese Exam HSK 3 Course
1. Schedule: from 1 pm to 3 pm, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
2. This group will start at 1 pm on September 7th.
3. The members of the group can communicate in Chinese for daily life; they have HSK 2 level; but they don’t know Chinese characters.
4. We offer free car picking up service in area of Zhujiang New Town & Liede, and their metro stations. Protected content
If you or your friend has interest, appreciate for contacting us.
外国人中文考试HSK 3级课程
3. 实行小班教学,班里学生皆会用中文进行日常交流,相当于中文考试HSK 2 级水平,但不懂中文汉字。
4. 在珠江新城和猎德范围内,我们提供免费专车接送服务。
Add.: 2nd floor, T27 Building, Canton Place, Liede, Tianhe. It’s near Exit A of Liede metro station. (天河猎德凯旋新世界枫丹丽舍T27二层)
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