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Christian Churches (Guangzhou)

We are looking for a church to attend. Our key requisite is that it MUST have Saturday services. I understand that most worship on Sundays, but per our beliefs, we worship on Saturdays. So far, we have only found one church that worships on Saturday (that actually is our denomination), but since we speak no Chinese (OH HOW I WISH I COULD!!! lol) then we have no clue as to what is being said for the sermon. They keep saying they will have a translator, but have yet to actually have one for us. We'd also like a place that has something for children, as our son is almost 18 months old and thus in a key age of learning. He is an active child and thus gets distracted easily and sitting still for any length of time during a worship service is distracting to the others attending the service. Is there any place else to look at for church services held on Saturdays??

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