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Go to live in Guangzhou or not

Hello everyone.. Im an spanish expatriate in france. and i just recieved an job offer for guangzhou area.
I am an engineer and i if i accept i will work in a multinational french company factory close to the area. the company is called ARMOR (if any knows someone related with please tell me) and is located in (Xiao Lan (Poche de Canton)) is like 80km away from city center of Guangzhou (thats what google maps says) but I dont really know if it close or far to the city.

I would like to ask to the expatriates that are living there how is live there. Security, making friends, activities (loisir) ...i guess noone english speaking (i dont know any chinese at all :S) and if you have any issue about the area that it is interesting for you.. and also for me that can help me to accept the offer or not.

Thank you

PD: i dont know anyone there :S

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