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Guangzhou Bound!

Hi all!

I will be moving to Guangzhou, China in less than six weeks, to take a job with Clifford School. Everything has happened so fast, my head is spinning, i just got confirmation of hiring at the end of last week!

Anyhow, definitely not complaining, but I have a number of questions, whose answers would make packing much easier. I will be moving into a two bedroom apartment, and no need for furniture, it's already furnished. I would like to know what personal items I need to bring, and how readily available products , from the states, are. I use a certain kind of shampoo, conditioner, facial soap, etc. , but if I can't get access to those products I need to start thinking of alternatives. A silly problem, I know. I'll have more substantial questions, as i go!

Thank you, good people, for reading my post and hopefully answering, as best you can!


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