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H7N9 case confirmed in Dongguan (Guangzhou)

Don't panic, I am just giving you a heads up, as I have prepared for this. I have antiviral surgical masks for drop shipping - kills 99.9% of viruses on contact.

Disclaimer - I am the main supplier in China. I have contacted doctors in GZ, HK, DG, BJ, and SH about this during the summer. And the US Govt stateside has already prepared. I have contacted the US Fed govt and the US Embassy about my product. (shameless plug for me and my suppliers, but healthcare is my job - former medic.)

Mask mechanism - zinc and copper ions kill viruses and bacteria. (can zinc suppliments? yes, check CDC for other uses.)

"Knowledge protects"
Dr. Cliff, Biomechanics LLC, (ESC trading co. aka Emergency Supply Chain)

H7N9 ALERT: Hong Kong
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Three-year-old boy diagnosed with bird flu as H7N9 returns to Guangdong
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Symptoms - fever (3 day incubation), aches, pneumonia.

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