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Hiring a outdoor program logistics full-time (Guangzhou)

Program Assistants work with Program Leaders (International Staff) in assisting with coordination and operation of Protected content programs for international clients. The programs contain elements of teambuilding activities, biking, hiking, camping, sea and river kayaking, and service learning projects. Program Assistants’ primary responsibility is to provide logistical support to the international staff on programs. This includes transportation, food, gear, and communication with local suppliers and guides, which will happen in the office before programs and onsite during programs. Program Assistants must be self-motivating and able to endure multiple days of work at a time. Applicants should be well versed in travel throughout China, be and able to handle the many challenges presented during a trip.
•Find, bargain and book the good suppliers before programs
•Assist Program Leaders with logistical support on programs
•Maintain and follow proposed program budgets
•Meet and develop relationships with suppliers
•Manage transportation, food and water, and other logistics that arise.
•Assist with instructing outdoor adventure activities and service learning projects
•Assist with instructing various teambuilding activities
•Work closely with the Program Leaders to ensure adequate provision for each activity
•Keep accurate records and inventories of equipment
•Keep detailed and accurate trip logs, expenses and report to the Logistics Manager.
•Assist office work when not in the field, including program debriefs, improve program quality and content, and researching current or new suppliers throughout China

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