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Hotel, Private Clubs, FRIEND Seeking JOB ! (Guangzhou)

Hotel, Hospitality, Private Clubs, FRIEND Seeking Jobs in CHINA !

HEY HELP !!! NEED Info about Hotel JOBs in GuangZhou & GuangDong !!! Anyone a GM, F&B, Other at a Hotel in GuangZhou or here abouts ???

I have a friend looking. He has Hilton Hotel & Hotel Trainer Experience, etc...

Has had 2 good interviews at a Private Marina and Hilton here. But as you know UNTIL they say HIRED, or as I SAY, "Until I get the First PAY Check!" hehehehe... You never know.

So anyone in the Hotel Business here, and hiring Expats ???

PLEASE SERIOUSLY let me know. As you know I help people find things here, and here is someone lost and LOOKING ;-)


Ciao and Peace

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