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ICE - In Case of Emergency (Guangzhou)

just an FYI - i am a new doc in town so if you have an emergency, you or your friends can contact me and i can help you with international evacuation to hong kong or to your country.

usually i am a sports and rehab doc (paramedic and chiropractic background) that deals with outpatient back pain or sports injuries (no drugs), but i am also the guy surgeons send their patients to for post-op rehab (post operation rehabilitation.)

i work with expat hospitals; beijing, shanghai, and now guangzhou. i have connections worldwide and have evacuated patients before.

please feel free to add me or ask me any questions here. you can find my public profile/cv on linkedin - search for clifford choi

knowledge protects (like knowing the right people)
otherwise, i hope to see you outside the hospitals at the internations events. doctors are social too... i'd like to host an event.

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