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invite business leaders in various industries,prof (Guangzhou)

  Guest speaker invitation letters,invite business leaders in various industries,professionals as speakers
  Recruits: 1:invite business leaders in various industries,professionals as speakers
  We(company website: Protected content a trading company of mainly engaged is incorporate advisory.We will be holding a series of forums Covering all sectors Form February to June,2014,IN these Forum, we will invite The Forum, we will invite the relevant industry agents,franchisees,suppliers of raw materials procurement And business leaders to discuss.
  Now we recruiting dozens of speakers,Speaker’s industry are not limited and the Content of speech can parties each other,we will not pay fee to speaker,means this speech is no reward,But But the biggest advantage is that you can get to know your Chinese counterparts and maybe this is breakthrough or Greatest opportunities of your open up the Chinese market,which is your best chance of Looking for Chinese regional franchisees, agents and partners.
  If you are interested please contact us and we will send you a specific schedule,and the speaker locations are generally located upscale hotel conference center in Guangzhou .
  Our forum probably sample below(not our department activity)
  Small Business Forum Presents: "What I Wish I Had Known"
  venture capitalist with GGC Capital, and an IT engineer before that. He majored in physics in undergraduate and received an MBA from PKU.
David Martin Handley, Jr.,, vice president, F & B, The Kro's Nest Food Management Group
Fang Hao, entrepreneur
Azzam Jazairi, founder, Cocoa 'n Vanilla
AJ Warner, founder, Directory, Touchdown!
Figo Yu, founder, CEO, Dream Castle
  If you are interested, please contact us, and please give us a resume attachment, we can make EVENT and let you confirm, thank you!
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