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Is Chocolate good for our health ? (Guangzhou)

Chocolate is a very popular product throughout the world. Today it is a natural part of our diet. On the market there are many kinds of chocolate. Dark, milk, white, diabetic chocolate, flavored, which contain extra bits of still something else, or chocolate with air bubbles.

History of Chocolate
Home continent of cocoa and chocolate is Central America. Hot chocolate was a drink in the courts of the Aztec and Mayan kings. It was also used as an aphrodisiac in various religious ceremonies. Indians prepared the cocoa beverage from cocoa beans, prepared in simple terms. The first Europeans who met with cocoa, were Spaniards. They also began to import cocoa beans to Europe, which were intended only for the Spanish royal court. In large to be imported Dutch cocoa to Europe. In the north of South America and the Caribbean was founded by the Dutch plantations. Bobby was transferred across the ocean to Europe and processed in the windmills. This makes them acquire two main components of chocolate – cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

Chocolate and Our health – Deep Relation
Eating chocolate reasonably be beneficial to our health. If you eat chocolate with high cocoa content, so you refine your health. Chocolate contains beneficial substances that protect our body from various diseases including child.

The magnesium in chocolate prevents migraines, improves immunity and has anti-stress effect.

It is effective against proliferation.

It helps in fighting against cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol.

It protects the brain against stroke.

Provides the body with energy. Chocolate can give anyone. If the excessive intake of calories you export movement, like ordinary walking.

It contains the hormone of happiness, which improves mood.

Excessive consumption of chocolate is harmful, and are leading to obesity.

Chocolate is great medicine for your health and an excellent weapon against aging.

What is your idea about Chocolate let me know ?

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