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Lantern Festival of China (Guangzhou)


Protected content February is the Lantern Festival of China. Chinese people celebrate it because this day there will be the first full beautiful moon of the Protected content , according to the lunar calendar. There is a very big lantern activity in Yuexiu Park to celebrate this festival. So Global Chinese Learning Center! Would like to share this Chinese culture activity with everybody.

Protected content Festival of China
Time: 5th, February, Protected content
Place: Global Chinese Learning Center & Yuexiu Park
1. 15:30——18:00
To making lanterns and orange lamps together in Global Chinese Learning Center (The teachers will also teach you to write blessings and wishes on the lamps). And after that we will boil and eat a kind of Chinese traditional food called Yuanxiao, which is sweet, eaten in Lantern Festival of China.
2. 18:00——18:30
To take coach to go to Yuexiu Park.
3. 18:30——21:00
To watch all kinds of beautiful festival lanterns in Yuexiu Park.
4. 21:00
To Back to Global Chinese Learning Center.
Per capita: 65 RMB

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