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Looking for company to write my thesis logistics!! (Guangzhou)

Hi there!

I am currently studying for my bachelors degree in logistics at HZ university in the Netherlands. Next semester, starting February, i need to find a company within the logistics sector (or any company that is actively involved with logistics) to write my thesis. I was hoping you (Yes you, the one reading this) might be able to bring me into contact with a logistics manager within your company.

I have been in Singapore due to a 6-month exchange program already and studied and lived there. In addition, i traveled extensively throughout Asia, and did a 3-week teaching program in Nanjing. Asia is very attracting to me, and i would see myself living there someday. Getting an internship here would be a great start in getting more experience!

Sadly i don't have any direct contacts within a company in China. Bcause my request is rather specific it is hard to find any matching openings. This means i will have to contact managers directly and hopefully my resume will not end up in someone's spam folder.

Last years, the thesis subjects were quite broad, ranging from improving a production line to reduce lead times to doing a research on the effects of digging a new waterway. This of course all depends on the company, and the assignment should be written in discussion. It is supposed to last 6 months, ideally starting in February.

Feel free to reply below if you have any comments, ideas or suggestions or when you are able to bring me into with someone! Or send me an e-mail at

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