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My First Social at:The Brew Jiansheliu! (Guangzhou)


An overall disappointment.

The event started registrations way past the scheduled time. Nearly half the place, actually a pub, was occupied by what appeared to be 'regulars' and not clearly whether Internation members, as I saw no tags, and they were hypnotized by a Rugby game, so I couldn't even get a greeting from the ten or less people who occupied the half of the locale, leaving the rest to crown the remaining space, a total of about 35 Square meters, plus some relatively useless patio space.
The highlight of the evening was the conversations I managed to have with the Manager/Head waiter, and the vice Manager, who were very cordial and engaging.

The cover charge of RMB70 was billed by the registrars as the price for two glasses of not very good beer, and the 'contacts' and the friendship.

I had to down the beers out of my automatic urge to get some value for my money, because it uninviting enough to try to reach the bar. And the din from the Rugby game, and the other conversations, made it impossible to say anything to anyone except into their ear.

The up-side, I saw very lovely people with whom I missed the opportunity to talk to, or even a brief introduction. Some of these lovely people clustered in groups of 3, and often intensely in conversation, which suggested they knew each other before.

When I take into account the fact that I travel from Shunde, and had to stay overnight, the event was could have been redeemed by the walk through some small section of Old Town, had we had more time for it.

The description of the event was fair, and the words "Sports Bar and Grill" didn't jump out at me, so I missed noticing 'sports' and 'bar'. The 'grill' turned out to be quite good, with a sufficient assortment of western foods.

Next time, I would think I need to put more attention on the number of people who sign up, and if it exceeds 30, I'm sure it would be too crowded for me.
In a larger space, and without properly segregated space for the sport fans, the event would work better.



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