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New in Guangzhou...WITH MULTIPLE QUERIES :)

Hi Everyone!

I just moved to Guangzhou from Peru one week ago. I'm planning to stay one year in China and I just realized that Facebook, Twitter, MetaCafe, Youtube and I don't which other web page are blocked here. I have some questions and maybe you can help me with them:

1.Do you know if there is a possible way to get to those web pages? or if there are similar options here?

2.What are the social networks in China?

3.Which web pages do you recommend for online music and international cooking videos?

4. Which telecom do you recommend to adquire a chinese celphone number? which one has the best prices, has the best service, etc.?

5. Maybe I will be travelling around China and Asia. Which bank do you recommend for opend an account? some type of account in special?

6. Is there any kind of discount here China for students?

7. Is there a Tourist Information Office in Guangzhou? Where?

8. Any other recommendation and tips?

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

Miu :)

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