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Part-time International Ladies Needed (Guangzhou)

Would you like to earn some extra cash while staying at home?
Would you like to know something special for Chinese dating with a matchmaker involved?
Do you want to date some Chinese guys don't have resources?

Female guest requirements
1. Single foreign good-looking ladies and willing to accept online video-dating;
2. Talkative, active and cheerful;
3. Decently dressed, not fancy, explicit or provocative;
4. Light makeup instead of exaggerated or heavy.
5. Can speak simple Chinese and fluent English;
6. Be polite and mannered;
7. The background of the video is bright with sufficient light, and it is not blurred or dim;
8. Provide personal portraits, the platform will use it in posters with your permission;
9. Attach a simple self-introduction, such as my name is xxx , from xxx , like to xxx when I’m free, etc .;
10.200 yuan / hour for overseas beauty guests, 50 yuan / person for referral.

Please join us as a part-time guest in a new fast-growing Chinese dating app experiment of international dating, female guest only need to stay at home and be available online from 19: Protected content for opening days, and be paid Protected content per hour.

Introduction process would be advised later after part-time offer confirmed.

[伊起] is an online video dating APP, in the video room, there would be three members, the host (matchmaker) on the top, male guest on left, and female guest on the right. With the trust-worthy and fun hosts, you don’t need to worry about any embarrassing moments, but fun and relaxing dates, ladies, come and join our overseas beauty sessions, and meet your Mr. Right!

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