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photowalk and beach volleyball (Guangzhou)

Hi guys.

This month's photowalk would be one the best we'll ever have. But first I need to know the consensus not only of this group but the entire Guangzhou internations community. The theme for June photowalk is action photos. It would be the best time use the sports mode or tweak the shutter speed mode of your camera.

The teachers in our Canadian school has just finished our annual beach volleyball and turnout was huge that we have to split the group into 8 teams of five members each. Of course there were spectators as well who either sat down, drink, enjoy the sun/shade or guess what.. took photos! And I got some shots to share once our own internations beach volleyball this is formalized.

The beach volleyball area is at Cohiba's restaurant located in Panyu just before reaching Clifford Estates. The date is on Sunday, June 17th. We can start at 1PM and finish at 5PM. I will organize the tournament draws and the use of the premise.

Let me now if you would like to come to this kind of event. Thank you.


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