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Remember of life and see all human in world ? (Guangzhou)

A girl who works in the place brides processing is spinster!! You know how much pain? ... Man who worked as a cleaner in the place of sale of sweets, children think that the owner of the place want a lot from him and his salary is not enough!! You know how much pain? Man who worked as a bus driver to deliver the children to school, a futile dream of a child!! You know how much pain? Watching their mother is on her deathbed and do not have the price of medicine!! You know how much pain? If you know how to be a pain!! Praise be to God for the blessing of the many there are of people living body without the spirit smile mouth does not mean smile [heart] and barking dog does not mean power, but [the fear and anger ole mad, etc. [remorse] and the tongue has no bones but it kills Nations and life is only a short story !! (From dust. Dust to dust). (Then calculate. reward the or punishment).

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