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Schools, housing and expat life in general (Guangzhou)

Hi all!
We might be looking at moving to GZ this summer.
We have 2 girls, 2 and 6 yo.
My 6 yo is currently attending an American school with IB and I have been looking a little at AISG. Would like to hear your opinion of AISG and other schools too.
As for housing, we would of course like to live close to school but would like to stay in a expat area in close vicinity of shopping.
What is the air like? Are there areas better than others to stay in?
Driving: Driver or driving yourself?
Helper: What are the helpers like? Live in or live out? I have had helper for many years, both live in and out. Also helpers of many different quality. What is the going rate for live in/live out?
Medical: are there expat oriented hospitals or is it all a mix?
Golf: Clubs and cost?

I know I can find most information online, but I want to get first hand experience.

Thank you to all who answer!


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