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The ELG services for children with special needs (Guangzhou)

The Essential Learning Group is a multi-disciplinary practice, which started providing services in Shanghai approximately 10 years ago en now also in Guangzhou, catering to students in international schools that needed more support than what was standard included in the curriculum and available through support systems in their school, for example Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Learning Support, etc. ELG has grown quite a bit since then: our team consists of over 25 specialists in a variety of areas, now including services for Parents, Vision Therapy, Play Therapy, Counseling, etc.

We can assist with identifying, assessing, diagnosing, and treating academic, communication, or social problems using evidence-based systems.

Three years ago we introduced Learning Annex: these are programs that could be used as After School Activity and truly focus on complimenting what children are learning in school. We offer social skills programs, concentration club, academic support for reading, writing, spelling, math, a program for gifted children, etc.

Even though we collaborate with teachers, coordinators, administrators and schools as much as we can; parents and their children are our clients (and therefore pay our bills). Preferably, we provide our services in the school – it is with reason that all our offices (but our main office) are located on a school campus in Shanghai.

I will provide a lot of the services mentioned above myself (being a Psychologist and having received training in all the Learning Annex programs) but will also function as a connection between Guangzhou and all other services as offered in Shanghai. If a child or student needs a Vision Therapist, an Educational-Psychological Assessment, a Functional Behavior Analysis, or anything else we would collaborate with parents to send our specialists and resources to Guangzhou.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

Katja Rovers M.Sc.
The Essential Learning Group
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