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Tips for you to do safe and smooth business here.. (Guangzhou)


Doing business in China is profitable but also a challenge for some businessmen worldwide as there are too much
trouble involved without enough Due Diligence work. 90% of the Chinese suppliers require 30% deposit before
production and 70% of rest balance before delivery in China. Also sometimes the supplier use high-quality samples to attract the order but use worse materials for bulk production, we have witnessed countless
trade disputes every year in China and sometimes it is quite risky for a foreign enterprise to purchase directly
from a Chinese supplier. Here are the right steps for you to do safe and smooth business in China:

First, if you have not found any reliable suppliers, then you’d better book an On-site Professional Sourcing service
from a third-party local service company like:
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Sometimes only local experts can find out the truth for you in China.

Second, if you have sourced some suppliers by yourself, before you pay any deposit, you'd better book a third-party Basic Verification or Factory Inspection service like below to fully check out your suppliers.
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The purpose of any verification service is to discover their real registered information and export qualifications etc
in order to avoid future trouble.

Third, if your order is very big, sign a formal Purchase Contract with them before paying the deposit. A formal
Purchase Contract both in Chinese and English is very important as China is NOT an English speaking country,
local courts only regard Chinese version of contracts as the official ones.

Fourth, if your order is very big, book a third-party During-production or Pre-shipment QC Inspection service like
below before paying them the rest balance.
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For more information, please have a look at:
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