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Which Vaccines should we get? (Guangzhou)


We are moving from Sweden to Panyu area in GZ in September and went to get our first round of Vaccines and the doctor here in our town only suggested Hep A & B.
We have heard that others have had a lot more vaccines including:
yellow fever and typhoid (as one vaccine)
Jap enceph

In both cases these people were moving to Shanghai in the north and therefore am wondering if there is a difference being in the south.
One friend of mine who moved to China with her children opted against rabies as you can get vaccine there and her worst fear came true when her son was bitten in the hand and they had to give him a 4 week course. She made sure they got the vaccine in from France and later heard some children died from fake vaccines given in Beijing.
Would really appreciate thought on whether Hep A and B are enough or should we be pushy and ask for more?

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