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Advice Needed on Moving to Gt City (Guatemala City)


I live in Silver Spring, MD near DC and I’m considering expatriating to Guatemala City (Zone 2) to be with a special someone there, long-term, maybe permanently, as life in America for me is slipping. What are the visa requirements, particularly if I decide to immigrate or at least stay in GT for several years? What immunizations do I need? I do have medical concerns, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea. How easy would it be to get medical care there? Any advice about making a suck a huge life change (I’m young but no “spring chicken”) and move to another country and culture is most welcomed and appreciated. I previously posted a much longer question here in Expat Q&A, but while there were 37 views, there were no responses. I hope I’ll get responses to this one, and I thank you.

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