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Freshly Roasted Gourmet Coffee delivered! (Guatemala City)

Hola amigos de Internations,
Guatemalan Coffee is world famous. It´s not hard to find a good Guatemalan blend in the specialty coffee shops of San Francisco, London, Paris, or Japan. However, it´s hard to find a good pound of freshly roasted coffee in Guatemala City! Go figure. The answer is actually a semester long complicated history lesson but I´m not going to get into that. =)
For those of you who are coffee snobs and would enjoy a freshly roasted, whole bean, high altitude, gourmet coffee. I´d be happy to deliver a pound or two to your door, for your delight.
From Finca Los Caballitos in Quiché, Starbuck sells 8oz at $16 in the U.S. (no kidding look at this link: Protected content , but you can get 16oz(1lb) for $8 (Q65) – same coffee, just a little more fresh.
Let me know. Send me an inbox*, or send me an sms or whatsapp to Protected content .

*as people wrongfully call a “message” that goes to the “inbox”

Also, a great idea if you want to tell people in your office to change their bad coffee for some good coffee. Special prices for regular deliveries, and a good article on that:
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