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Looking for a Job - HELP (Guatemala City)

Hi guys,
I am a new member here and still did not have chance to participate in a live event, but, hopefully, soon i will be able to do it.
The situation is kinda embarrasing, i am looking for a job already during almost 2 months, for me is just really crazy, as i am not used to sit at home as a housewife, actually i hate it, and especially here in Guatemala, as there no any walking areas, traffic, dangerous situation etc.
So i hope, may be somebody might help me. Any managing or at least assistant (of manager) positions (hotels/tourisms/events/corporate accounts/delegations/embassies/missions etc etc), the only thing i dont want to be a teacher, is not for me, especially with kids, especially with small ones : Protected content
I speak: English, Spanish, Serbia, Russia - all advances level, except Russian - i am Russian, so its my native language.
University degree, psyhological courses etc etc.
Experience more than 10 years in different spheres.
I am actually registered on mostly all famouse web-site like: transdoc, computrabajos, quieroaplicar, buscojobs etc etc, but still is not helping much.
So if anybody has any connections or by any chance could help me i would really appreciate it.
I hope to find a job earlier than i will finally get crazy sitting at home.

Anyway, thank you very much at least for reading it)))
And have a GOOD DAY/MONTH/YEAR/LIFE ahead.
Best Regards,
Diana Protected content
e-mail: Protected content

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