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Moving to Patzun, Guatemala (Guatemala City)

My wife and I are starting the process of moving to Guatemala. We are approx 3 years out but, never willing to wait until the last moment, any and all advice would be accepted.
We will be working for Oak Foundation International in Patzun. We have been there many times and feel lead to live there full time. Not concerned with moving house stuff, we will buy when we get there, more concerned with the government side of things.
1. Are there any restrictions on either the US or Guatemalan sides other than the paperwork to get perm resident visas?
2. Currently use an ATM card when I travel to Patzun but, would assume that would have it's drawbacks for the long haul. (How do others access accounts in the US. Wire transfers?)
3. ETC......
As you can see I don't know enough to ask the right questions.

Looking for assistance with the "nuts and bolts" of setting up perm residents.

Thanks in advance.

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