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GYE or Cuenca..a confused expat needing advice (Guayaquil)

Hi. I was wondering how easy people found it to make new friends here in GYE. Personally I am finding it very difficult to meet people and forge a life I want due to a few different factors:
1) I'm living in Samborondon where you need a car to move around in GYE - it is far from the centre even though there are malls here I don't want to spend my days wandering aimlessly around malls window shopping!
2) Clubs and activities cost a small fortune here so it is not easy to find an affordable activity to make new friends as I would in UK
3) I have a very limited budget that does not allow for taxis and people KEEP telling me how dangerous the city is which is also disheartening in itself and makes me more concerned about taking buses!! I like a good bus - nice to be with down to earth people!

I am very used to socialising so this move to GYE has hit me hard as I am finding it difficult to find ways to meet people on any really meaningful level - and it just makes me miss home more! I am a traveller in my heart so finding this 'block' very unusual!!

What are people's points of view on Cuenca? I feel this is a much more accessible city and given I really want access to natural health, this is a place that can offer me more - and a city I can actually walk around.

Would love your thoughts on things to do in GYE that are interesting and your thoughts on Cuenca - as well as sharing your experience of making new friends here

Many thanks

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