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Hi All, Coming to Ecuador. Need help. (Guayaquil)


Hey all. I've been on a journey around the world for the past year and my next stop is Ecuador. I know very little about the country right now and am wondering where to go. Quito? Guayaquil? I want to be near an Internations community as it really makes life on the road so much better. I also need a place to stay. Does anyone have any suggestions? How much should I expect to pay for a room in Guyaquil for instance? Is it comparable to Quito? I've got to book my tickets in the next day or two so I'd appreciate any advice anyone has to give. I'l be there for about a month and need a warm, comfortable, safe place to sleep with a hot shower and access to internet.

Hope to hear from you and hope we become friends when I get there!


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