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Internacional Sells Marketing (Guayaquil)

We offering you the oportunity to be part of our Humanity Volontary School Trip all around South America. You have a company, a registred trade mark, you own label be visible on our bus. we 've got 2 x 8 square meter (side of the bus) and the roof about 20 square meter. any design or color you may want. no political, no religion. you may find pictures and informayions over our Volontary School Masaje for Blind people in all South America.from Ecuador, Peru,Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, CostaRica, untill Mexico. Every steep we will make pictures that you may use, the trip will take about 3 years with few seminary when we get back. you will leave a trace and a good image for your participation to our help program. the price for each side is just $1000, the roof $2000. to pay the same day that you stick up or paint.have a look at the page on facebook: DESCIEGATE who means open your eyes. the money of your participation will be use transparently on that same page so you will know exatly our trustable we are for our next challenge. a University of Alternative therapy ancestral. may leave us your proposition or any commentary in my inbox. beautifull day to all

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