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Need help finding the right town in Ecuador (Guayaquil)

Hi all! My husband and I will be coming to Ecuador sometime around the middle of March. We're basically decided Ecuador is where we'd like to live permanently; however, we're not sure of the exact location to choose. Maybe some of you can give us some hints.

We've been discussing places like Cuenca and Quito, but decided we'd rather be near the ocean because of the climate. We've lived most of our lives in the Southern U.S. and prefer a warmer climate. We've been told that near the beaches the temperatures can range from 60 to 85 degrees.

This is a very good range, but we're not too sure about the exact area we'd choose. In the U.S. we moved from Lousiana (very humid and becomes uncomfortably hot at around 80 degrees) to Arizona Protected content and higher seems hot, but it's still very dry so more tolerable.)

We'd like to have the nice green vegetation of a jungle type area but prefer less humidity. Is there someplace that would be a happy medium?

We'd also like a small to medium sized town, giving it a country feel but large enough to have good medical care within a reasonable difference. Tom is 73 years old and I'm somewhat younger, but we want to be close enough to a doctor in case of an emergency.

You could call us retired as we don't need to have jobs. I do work some on the Internet, but a good connection is all I need.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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