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Nontoxic mattress and sustainably grown food? (Guayaquil)

Hi, all! My husband and I are strongly considering a move a short-term Protected content move to Ecuador with our 18 month old daughter, and we have some questions we're wondering if you could answer:
1. Is there such thing as a non-toxic mattress and/or organic version in Ecuador? We're super careful about avoiding carcinogens, especially the flame retardants that are found in most mattresses. Would it be better to ship our mattress? (Seems like it could be crazy expensive and could take a long time to get to us.)
2. How easy is it to find sustainably grown produce? I don't care if it's officially organic — just want to make sure it's chemical-free.
3. Is most of the chicken and beef in Ecuador pasture-raised? Would I need to seek out a local farmer, and would the meat in the grocery stores be automatically local and pasture-raised? And what is the average price for this kind of meat?

Thanks so much! We have some health issues that we need to look after, so that's why we're careful about this kind of thing.

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