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The amazing Ecuadorian coast (Guayaquil)

Ecuador has emerged as one of Latin America’s most stable economies, with a sustainable growth rate, low inflation, and decreasing levels of unemployment, becoming South America’s seventh biggest economy in Protected content .
The current administration has been investing on projects from highways to hydroelectric dams, creating jobs and pushing local companies to increase output to meet growing demand. That is bringing a significant increase in private investment which offers an outlook of greater stability in economic growth.

Crime –which used to darken Ecuador’s past- is being addressed by the current administration not only thanks to the training and incorporation of additional security personnel but also by a major judicial reform to ensure quick and transparent law enforcement procedures.

The Government promotes tourism investing in infraestructure, airports, customer service trainings, internet expansion, marketing campaigns and hosting international standard and eco-tourism events.

The positive changes are accompanied by steady improvements in Inmigration process which facilitates visitors and permanent visa applications and a growing banking system. This makes Ecuador more atractive not only for tourism but as a great value investment place for bussiness owners and private investors.

One of Ecuador’s biggest atractions is the coastal area, still quite virgin in terms of development potential. In the area, Salinas is considered the best tourist beach resort in Ecuador and the Pacific coastline by many visitors, the sandy crescent moon bay arcs around the resort with dozens of high rising apartment blocks which overlooks the busy main road fronted by shops, restaurants, bars, discos, an historical marine museum and major hotels. Salinas offers as well exciting whale watching tours with luxurious yachts and professional guides. The closest and finest location to witness the wonder of these amazing creatures in the wild, a once-in-a-lifetime experience....
Salinas, located in Santa Elena province is also the best location on the coast for the highest levels of Infrastructure. There is a Shopping mall with multi cinemas, two big one small supermarkets and shops to explore as well as sports/Yacht clubs such as Salinas and Puerto Lucia Yatch Clubs as well as a variety of water sports and beach activities. Adjacent to Salinas also lies La Libertad, a more commercial town with a scenic ocean boardwalk and a fishing port also becoming a touristic spot with an expanding hotel market.
Salinas is 90 min drive from Guayaquil, Ecuador’s biggest city where people goes for more selective shopping. In response to the demand, the Salinas airport by the Chocolatera beach is currently under construction, to be open to domestic commercial flights by March Protected content projected to become an international airport in the long term.

The major season and hotter climates are from December to May maintaining temperatures between 80s Protected content while the quieter season excluding Weekends is from Mid May to Early December with the temperature between the 60s Protected content .The food costs out here are also excellent with weekly costs around $ Protected content however one may also take advantage of the fine lobsters and crabs sold daily by local fisherman in the town ,for instance one can buy 20 medium sized Lobsters for around $20, and even less for crabs.
The bay has jet skiers, water skiers and variety of yachts anchored in the bay adjacent to the yacht club. The beach is very popular during peak season and most weekends along with golden sandy beaches and warm waters all year round due to its peninsular position receiving great weather with blue cloudless skies and long hot sunny periods for most of the year. There are several tour operators offering boat excursions and/or tours around the closest fishing villages, such as Ballenita, Ayangue and many other destinations. On the beach, you can also hire Jet Skis for about US $40,00 an hour, or US $20.00 for a 30 minute ride. Water skiing is also available for the same price.
A second major beach in Salinas is Chipipe (adjacent to the yacht club), with great waves for body boarding or Mori Boogie boarding and jet skiing. Chipipe is located in a residential area compared to the main Salinas' beach, which is the commercial side of this small city. Open markets are available in both areas during the evening selling handicrafts, coral jewelry, multi colored dyed clothing art and shell crafts. You can also take a 4 seat passenger bike tour for US $2.00 for an hour around the areas amidst the fresh evening breezes.
Salinas, is also a party town with visitors peaking in high season and holidays while filled with locals and tourist at weekends.
Ecuador not only a great country to live with friendly people, amazing biodiversity and privileged coastal weather, a virgin paradise ready to welcome new international visitors.

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