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Time Limit for Expat Duty Free Import of Household (Guayaquil)


The simple rule is that your goods must arrive within 6 months Protected content of the expat with resident visa coming into the country.

Here's the question based on this wording of the rule:
"You have Protected content from last date of entry for your goods to arrive duty free. If you don’t make and this time limit for some reason your household goods may be rejected and sent back to it original origin."

"Last date of entry" is the question. I have had it explained to me that once you have your visa and enter the country (we'll get our in Ecuador), the clock starts ticking. Then, past on the "last date of entry" it was explained that if, for some reason, you miss the Protected content , an expat can leave the country for a day and then return, restarting the "last date of entry" clock.

Anyone know if the clock can actually be reset?

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