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Global Insights

Interested in life across the globe? In different countries and languages? Or maybe in the perception and influence of culture? Then take a look at our InterNations Global Insights! In our articles, we cover various international topics of interest, from languages to global minds, and more!

We are all curious about things. For some, it is simply the desire to know what is happening in their home, to learn about the things that might directly affect them. For others, curiosity is more of a global passion. They harbor a keen interest in foreign countries, cultures, and people. In this category, we will try to satisfy some of this curiosity by offering ongoing global insights and glimpses into life across the world. This includes, for example, taking a look at the international character of the English language, but also such topics as popular countries for expats and travelers alike. Does this sound interesting to you? Then you should read on!

The Attraction of the Unknown

Foreign shores, unknown places, and exotic destinations have always drawn explorers and adventurers to them and that is still the case today. From eager backpacking gap-year students to expatriates, whether self-made or not, every year numerous people take the chance to discover the world, or at least another country. International travel has become widely affordable and destinations that once seemed unreachable are now just a (relatively) short flight away. Such comfortable travel options as well as the continued globalization of the economy and media have caused an ever growing interest in global matters. Stepping onto foreign soil has, after all, lost nothing of its past appeal!

Culture: Influencing & Influenced by People

You are interested in foreign countries and maybe even living or currently planning on living abroad? Then you better be prepared to dip into the local culture if you are hoping to gain some global insights and not just spend your time abroad as a tourist! But what exactly is culture? It is a living thing. It is directly as well as indirectly constructed and defined by its people. It is also not necessarily country-specific. Regions, age, ethnicity, interests, and many more factors play a role when it comes to bringing together a group of people, who will in turn establish their own culture. Knowledge about the most popular local foods, religious festivals, the language, etc., is not enough to discover the unwritten standards and unspoken rules of a people. And yet, information on such topics can be the first stepping stone to getting to know and maybe even becoming part of a culture. So have a browse through our articles to get first global insights into different mindsets and perceptions, language development, and much more.

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