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Global Expat Guide

Intercultural Communication
Cross-Cultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

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Global Expat Guide Categories
  1. Expat Finance Expat Finance “Money makes the world go round” – but how to manage your money while you move around the world?
  2. Expat Insurance Expat Insurance Get your insurance policies in order and be prepared for whatever life abroad throws at you.
  3. Expatriation Expatriation Who plans to go abroad – and why? InterNations introduces you to today’s expats and their motives.
  4. Moving Abroad Moving Abroad Going abroad requires a variety of preparations. We’ll help you tackle your to-do list successfully!
  5. Living Abroad Living Abroad Expat living has many facets, from the practical aspects to the emotional side of your new life.
  6. Working Abroad Working Abroad A foreign assignment is no longer the only way to work abroad – an expat career may take many forms.
  7. Cross-Cultural Communication Cross-Cultural Communication Language isn’t the only obstacle to making yourself understood abroad.
  8. Culture Shock Culture Shock InterNations supports you in dealing with the psychological hardships of the nomadic life-style.
  9. Family & Relationships Family & Relationships Third-culture kids and changing gender roles: Expat life brings new challenges for families abroad.
  10. Expat Women Expat Women "Trailing" spouse? Family manager? Career woman? InterNations explores the lives of expat women.
  11. Repatriation Repatriation The return home is often neglected by expatriates and their employers alike. We'll help you cope!
  12. Country & City Guides Country & City Guides Find valuable, expat-relevant information about your new country or city of residence abroad.

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