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New to Gurgaon advice


Hi All,

I just arrived in Gurgaon after 7 months living in Hong Kong and before that spending my life in London, England.

I am in Gurgaon for 3 months, and have a couple of things I would love to achieve in my time here and a fee questions any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently staying in the Westin hotel for the next 3 weeks as I settle in so if anyone wants to meet up at any point happy to do so.

1) Looking for a serviced apartment with a budget of 6,000 rupees a month and contact leads would be great.

2) I would love to do some volunteering whilst i'm here, either helping out kids or ans sporting organisations anything pointing me in the right direction.

3) Any chance of joining a football team whilst im here for more my own social fun would be great as well...although ive had a look not sure if anyone has any contacts.

Look forward to meeting you all at the Italian event.

Kind Regards,


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