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PIO Card Holders Must Apply for OCI Card (Gurgaon)


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Person of India Origin (PIO) card holders can apply for an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card under the OCI in lieu of the PIO category. This process may eventually become mandatory, which may require PIO card holders abroad to travel to file their applications at the Indian Mission or application center where the initial PIO card application was submitted. PIO card holders from Germany, the UK and the United States face upcoming deadlines to apply for an OCI card to be able to travel to India.

Deadlines for Applications

German and UK national PIO card holders must file their applications by April 8. PIO card holders from the United States must file their applications by June 17. Other foreign national PIO card holders may face different deadlines.

The OCI application process is still voluntary for Indian nationals, and PIO card holders will not be required to convert to the OCI card until the Ministry of Home Affairs releases an official notification.

Application Requirements and Fees

The application process, documentation requirements and processing time for PIO card holders to apply for OCI cards under the OCI process is equivalent to that of a new OCI card application.

There are no fees associated with OCI card applications in such cases, except application center service charges and postage costs for applications filed from abroad.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Affected foreign nationals should contact their immigration professional for more information or you can contact me for further details.

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